Jacques Greene OSCILLATE for oki-ni

Well it’s been quite a few days since I have posted any music. My trip to Symbiosis Gathering was a great one, I have a bunch of pictures and videos to share with everyone. But for my first post back, here is a hot new mix from one of my favorite Canadian producers Jacques Greene. The oki-ni mix series has a bunch of gems, so be sure to browse around the site.

#favoritescript #supreme (Taken with instagram)

#favoritescript #supreme (Taken with instagram)

New Kastle, what more to say!

Lazer Sword for URB

My favorite duo is at it again. Fresh off the release of their unbelievable sophomore effort Memory, Lazer Sword has curated the newest URB mix.

Anenon XLR8R Podcast

Just tuning in but the description sounds quite enticing. “Anenon is far more concerned with layering sonic textures and exploring subtle rhythms than working the dancefloor, and displays a real affection for jazz and experimental pop. Much like his own music, the listening experience offered here is thoughtful, nuanced, patient, and quietly soulful.”

I love NTS radio so much.

At Home with Rob Fissmer of Vitsœ


Ghostly fan and GMS subscriber Rob Fissmer studied architecture at RISD and later went on to work at one of the world’s most influential design stores, Moss, where he was also responsible for compiling our MG/M1 collaboration. Following his time at Moss, Fissmer settled into a position as the head of North American operations for Vitsœ, the UK company which produces the iconic 606 Universal Shelving System designed by Dieter Rams

It’s a little known fact that we are devout admirers of everything Dieter Rams related. In an age of overabundance, both digital and physical, Rams’ designs speak volumes to the practice of living better, with less. Amazingly, Rams even managed to imbue his humble shelving system with this sensibility. 

Fissmer recently re-located with his wife Elise Loehnen to Venice Beach, CA, where they have set up a unique “Vitsœ apartment” prominently featuring an array of 606 compositions. As a former DJ and lifelong vinyl collector, one could say that he is an ideal use-case for the system, which is not only flexible and movable, but perfectly suited for vinyl storage. 

We asked Rob to some share some of his insights on Rams, eclectic possessions, and organizing your vinyl by color. His answers after the jump.

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This shuffled on today, everyone should take 10 minutes and enjoy it.